Duncan Hunter’s Congressional Report Card

Duncan Hunter’s Congressional Report Card

Animal Protection

Protecting Pets, Wild, Farm & Research Animals: F (source: Humane Society Legislative Fund)

Compassion for Animals Index: F (source: Animal Welfare Institute)


Advocating for Kids: F (source: Children’s Defense Fund Action Council)

Civil Rights

Standing up for LGBT Equality: F (source: Human Rights Campaign)

Voting on Civil Rights Issues: F (source: NAACP – the National Association for the Advanced of Colored People)


Upholding Conservative Positions: A (source: American Conservative Union)

How conservative is Hunter? .72 (source: Gov Track; 1 = most conservative, 0 = most liberal)

Backing the Full Spectrum of Conservatism: D (source: Heritage Action for America)


National Security & Defense Issues: A+ (source: Center for Security Policy)


Supporting Public Education & Educators: F (source: National Education Association)

Environmental Protections, Fighting Climate change

Meaningful Action to Protect the Environment: F (source: League of Conservation Voters)

Protecting Water, Wildlife & National Park Funding: F (source: National Parks Action Fund)

Committing to Wildlife & Habitat Conservation: F (source: Defenders of Wildlife)

Federal Government

Decreasing Federal Government, Regulations & Taxes: C (source: Club for Growth)

Decreasing Federal Government, Regulations & Taxes: B (source: Americans for Prosperity)

Cutting Taxes: C (source: National Taxpayers Union)

Food Issues

Keeping Food Healthy, Safe & Affordable: F (source: Food Policy Action)

Advocating for Sustainable Production of Food, Fiber, Feed & Fuel: F (National Farmers Union)

Gun Rights

Restoring Gun Rights, Gun Rights as a Freedom Issue: A (source: Gun Owners of America)

Expanding Background Checks: Fail (source: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence)

Accepted Money ($10,000 – $50,000) from Gun Lobby (source: see above)


Hunter’s Position is that Healthcare is not a Right; Only Access to Healthcare,         Regardless if Affordable, Should be Provided (source: March 12, 2017 Town Hall)

Voted for the American Health Care Act of 2017 (source: congress.gov)

Hunger & Poverty

Reducing Hunger, Poverty in the U.S. & Worldwide: F (source: Bread for the World)


Acting on Immigration Reform: F (source: National Hispanic Leadership)

Striving to Cap the Number of Immigrants: A (source: Numbers USA)

International Issues:

Supporting the United Nations: D- source: Citizens for Global Solutions)

Championing Global Environment, Global Health: D- (source: same as above)

Stopping International Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: D- (source: same as above)

Voting for Peace Issues: F (source: Peace Action)

Reproductive Health

Protecting Reproductive Rights: F (source: NARAL Pro Choice America)

Opposing Legal Abortions; Being Pro-Life: A+ (source: National Right to Life)

Separation of Church & State:

Ensuring Separation of Church & State: D (source: Secular Coalition for America)

Representing the Pro-Family, Christian Point of View: B (source: Christian Coalition)


“We don’t need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as president…. I’ve liked Trump since the beginning…. I’m in, and I’ve been in,”(source: Hunter interview with Politico’s Nick Gass on 2/24/2016)

Trump’s Firing of FBI Director James Comey

“that is not impeachable, in my opinion. It’s not obstruction of justice…I give Trump the benefit of the doubt here. Totally” (source: 5/17/2017 piece on insider.foxnews.com)

Workplace Issues

Boosting Fairness & Opportunity in the Workplace: F (source: American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees Union)

Strengthening Social Security, Medicare & Workplace Safety: F (source: The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO)

Women’s Issues

Action taken on Women’s Issues: F (source: American Association of University Women)

Backing Women’s Health: F (source: Planned Parenthood)

Note: When available, lifetime scores were used. When not available the score from the most recent year was used.
Some scores were reported as percentages. If so, these percentages were converted to letter grades as follow: A+ = 100%; A = 90 -99%; B = 80 – 89%; C = 70 – 79%; D = 60- 69%; F = 0 – 59%