Mr. Anderson’s lies about CA SB 54, a bill giving Sanctuary status to CA

Mr. Anderson’s lies about CA SB 54, a bill giving Sanctuary status to CA

We started this week by reviewing Duncan Hunter’s town hall, then shared our thoughts with Trump and now conclude this week by looking at the town hall Joel Anderson (our CA state senator) held last Thursday (March 9th). Video clips of the town hall and Anderson expressing his views on CA SB 54 are on his website: as are other interviews he has done on this topic. In addition there is audio & a summary of Anderson’s talking points at a press conference earlier this month on this bill I truly encourage all of you to listen to or read some of these statements as it is stunning how entrenched and extreme Anderson’s positions are.

Unlike Hunter’s town hall, Anderson’s town hall had one message – all night long. Regardless of the question, Mr. Anderson wound back to his talking point about CA State Senate Bill 54 officially known as the California Values Act but often regarded as a Sanctuary bill. Mr. Anderson’s point was that under current law Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are allowed access to state prisons where they interview and determine to deport undocumented individuals when their sentences are served. Mr. Anderson adamantly argued that with the passage of CA SB 54 this would cease and 11,000 plus hardened, dangerous, violent criminals (all of whom were described as “murderers” and “child rapists”) would be allowed to return to our communities rather than be deported.

Aside from the massive logical flaws in his argument is the fact that is not at all what the bill does. So phrased less politely, Mr. Anderson spent the evening lying to the audience and having the nerve to ask people who expressed opposition if they were, “crime deniers”. He also accused people of gaining their information from “fake news”.

So, let’s contact Mr. Anderson and let him know that we support CA SB 54, and that his argument against the bill does not hold water when compared to the actual content of the bill.

While this is the first time that we are contacting Mr. Anderson on this topic, we have taken action on the issue of sanctuary (we contacted Hunter). The blog post for that action item, to find that post just type “Sanctuary” into the search field on the blog page – has links to sociopolitical research, which shows that sanctuary counties have less crime and more economic growth than non sanctuary counties, a point Mr. Anderson refuted by spinning back to his rallying cry that this bill would allow “child rapists” and “murderers” out into our community.

I encourage all of you to read the bill:

it is not that long nor all that complicated and makes abundantly clear that Mr. Anderson is completely incorrect in his statements. If you don’t have time to read the whole bill, scan down to sections 3058.10 and 3058.11, which clearly state that the FBI will be notified of the release of someone who has a violent felony.  Or read this excerpt from a Memo written by Senator Kevin De León, author of CA SB 54, which Jim Nielsen passed on to me (thank you Jim), if you would like a copy of the whole memo, just let me know.


The California Values Act will provide essential safeguards to ensure that police, schools, health facilities,

and courts remain accessible to Californians from all walks of life and that California’s limited resources are directed to matters of greatest concern to state and local governments.

  1. Use of State/Local Resources

State and local law enforcement agencies and school police and security departments will not engage in immigration enforcement. No state or local resources will be used to investigate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes. State and local law enforcement agencies can only detain for or transfer a person to ICE if there is a judicial warrant

2. Release Date Notification

Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and allows the Sheriffs, to report to the federal government release information of all violent felons at least 60 days before they are released.

  1. Taskforce Participation

Local law enforcement will continue to be able to participate in any taskforce so long as “immigration enforcement” is not a purpose of the taskforce. The measure requires an agency participating on joint taskforces to report to the AG with operations information, including the number of immigration arrests that stem from taskforces.

  1. Safe Zones

California schools, health facilities, and courthouses will remain safe and accessible to all California residents, regardless of immigration status. Each shall establish policies that limit immigration enforcement on their premises to the fullest extent possible consistent with federal and state law.”