Rep. Hunter on Jeff Sessions’ recusal

Rep. Hunter on Jeff Sessions’ recusal

Below is an excerpt from a longer piece in the L.A. Times, titled “Some of California’s Republicans are in a tight spot. Russia and Jeff Sessions aren’t making that easier” written by Contact Reporters Phil Willon and Sarah D. Wire, which shares Rep. Hunter’s opinions on Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian Ambassador and Sessions’ lie while under oath:

“Republican Duncan Hunter of Alpine, who was rumored as a potential cabinet candidate and is also from a safe Republican district, took the strongest stance in defense of Sessions: He accused the Democrats of being on a political “witch hunt” against Trump and his administration, saying that Sessions, who was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee before he became attorney general, had every right to meet with the Russian ambassador.

Hunter suspects Sessions’ failure to disclose the meeting during his confirmation hearing was either an “unconscious mistake” or a misunderstanding. The attorney general likely interpreted the question to be about whether he met with the Russian ambassador on behalf of the Trump campaign, Hunter said.

“I don’t think he needs to recuse himself, but if he decides to just to calm everyone fears, that’s fine too,” Hunter said in a telephone interview” (