Ask our Members of Congress to sponsor legislation getting Mr. Bannon off the NSC

Ask our Members of Congress to sponsor legislation getting Mr. Bannon off the NSC

Before looking at why Steve Bannon is unsuited for his position, let’s look at what his position exactly is. Mr. Bannon started as the chief strategist for the President and has since been elevated by Mr. Trump to a seat on the National Security Council’s principals committee. Mr. Bannon has not given up his chief strategist position; rather Mr. Trump added the position of chief strategist to the National Security Council – thus Mr. Bannon serves in both roles.

In short, the National Security Council’s principals committee decides the national security policy of the United States of America; it is the inner sanctum of the inner sanctum with regards to our nation’s domestic and international security issues. Along with the promotion of Mr. Bannon came the demotions of the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (to review what each of these positions is: and Going forward, these two officials will only be included in the meetings if, “issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed” (

As we remember there was much uproar about this promotion as it is not only unprecedented to have a chief strategist sit on the National Security Council, it is also seen as politicizing an advisory group that ought to be beyond politics. The uproar around the demotions is quite straight forward as by definition every issue connected to national security ought to the have the expertise and input of the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (

The first, and in past eras the only, argument against Mr. Bannon’s position is that he has no experience in national security issues – contrary to Mr. Spicer’s statement that since Mr. Bannon served in the military, the navy, he has extensive experience (

Additional arguments that Mr. Bannon is unfit for his position on the National Security Council, have to do with the realm of character, the nobler values of America and worldview.

1) Mr. Bannon was accused and charged with domestic violence, ( and an issue that most definitely threatens the safety of many Americans –roughly 42.4 million women and roughly 30.8 million men, experience intimate partner violence in the course of their lives (

2) Mr. Bannon has been accused of being anti-Semitic. He refused to allow his children to attend schools that had Jewish children and made pointedly anti-Semitic justifications for his refusal ( and under his leadership Breitbart News took on anti-Semitic leanings (

3) With regards to Breibart News…. It is inarguably a media outlet supportive of the alt right; inarguable because Mr. Bannon, former chairman of Breitbart News Network, stated that the network is the platform for the alt-right ( The alt-right might have many strains within it but, “their greatest points of unity lie in what they are against: multiculturalism, immigration, feminism and, above all, political correctness” (;;

4) Mr. Bannon has made statements that there is a war between Islam and Judeo-Christianity and that anything is justifiable to prevent Islam from winning the war (; ; As we know there is no war between Islam and Judeo-Christianity.

5) Additional geo-political opinions belonging to Mr. Bannon are that the US should only have bilateral, not multi-national agreements (trade deals included) and that immigration, both legal and undocumented should be halted (

6) An appreciation, nearing love for anger is espoused by Mr. Bannon:

7) And finally, Mr. Bannon believes in a view of the world that espouses civilization moves in four –stage cycles complete with major crises, awakenings, wars, new political world order, messianic leaders and jargon, plenty of jargon. Of course, per Mr. Bannon, we are in one of these awakening phases where a great leader, the Grey Champion, will arise to lead the people out of crisis ( Mr. Bannon even made a documentary designed to educate us all about the apocalypse that has already started – the documentary, Generation Zero, can be seen on YouTube (